Do any of these statements apply to you? 

Your hands remain dirty after washing.
Your hands are dry, especially in the winter.
Grease remains ingrained in your skin.

Then use “REINOL” and Feel the Dfference 


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"REINOL "ORIGINAL" Hand Cleaner removes dirt, grease,oil, tar, varnish, graphite, carbon etc, leaving hands absolutely clean & smooth.            

Economical & skin friendly Reinol is entirely Solvent Free, non allergy producing & comes with with a built in disinfectant. Quartz exfoliation scrubbers achieve maximum results. Can be used for medium to extra heavy duty applications.                         

Available in 2L Cartridge for wall dispenser, 10L Bucket, 500ml Tub



REINOL "K" is an Industrial strength Hand Cleaner formulated with millions of dirt busting pummice flour "scrubbers" that dig out and mop up even the toughest soils. Easy on Hands - Fortified with emollients to prevent drying & cracking. Leaves behind a pleasant fragrance . Can be used for all applications.

Available in 2L Cartridge for wall dispenser 


REINOL "FLAX" is produced with Reinol’s own unique "wood flour" providing a thorough clean.This top quality "Solvent Free" cleaner also conditions your skin with every wash. Contains cosmetic re-fatting oils for added skin conditioning. Ideally suited for use where septic tank & eco drainage systems are used - check for suitability on your particular type of system. Can be used for light to heavy duty applications.

Available in 2L Cartridge for wall dispenser 


"NEW IMPROVED" REINOL Wall dispenser is robust & well engineered to deliver the same amount of product with each dispensing, 600 hand washes per cartridge if correctly used. Guaranteed to reduce consumption & improve  workplace hygiene. 


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Reinol No.1Skin Care Cream for the Workplace - Conditions your skin with every application No.1 Skin care cream contains collagen and allantoin to prevent rough and dry skin. Apply before work and repeat often, especially after washing. Special formula with skin moisturising ingredient Hydro MF.

Available in the convenient 500ml tub and 50ml squeeze tube


 Reinol No.2 Solvgard barrier cream protects the skin against solvents, thinners, petrol, diesel, kerro, turpentine and all toxic powders. Specially formulated with protective ingredient SOLVCOTERS.

Available in the convenient 500ml tub and 50ml squeeze tube

Reinol No.3 Skingard barrier cream protects against all water-borne substances such as:ACIDS, ALKALIS, DETERGENTS, DIESTUFFS AND similar HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES.

Available in 50ml squeeze tube


 Reinol No.4 Foot Cream refreshes and cares for tired feet. It also reduces excessive perspiration and prevents unpleasant foot odor. Reduces the irritation caused by athlete's foot and other similar foot afflictions. Specially formulated with active WH EXTRACT.

Available in 50ml squeeze tube


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